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Главная » 2011 » Апрель » 5 » Vienna Art Orchestra - All That Strauss (2000)
Vienna Art Orchestra - All That Strauss (2000)

Исполнитель: Vienna Art Orchestra
Название альбома: All That Strauss
Год записи: 2000
Стиль: Art Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz
Год выпуска альбома: 2001
Лейбл: TCB Music
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 424 Mb
Скачать с: narod.yandex.ru
Источник: домашняя коллекция

Jazz fans who already know the music of Johann Strauss will appreciate the liberties Ruegg takes on All That Strauss. This live recording from New Year's Day 2000 opens with the stately "Wein, Weib und Gesang," featuring some swinging counterpoint by trombonists Christian Radovan and Robert Bachner, and a dancing clarinet solo by Klaus Dickbauer. Like most of his colleagues, Dickbauer can play with a straight, beautiful tone or he can get nasty with raspy cries and bent notes, even when double- and triple-timing his solo.
Unfortunately, many of the solos on this CD end too soon, as the focus remains on the pieces, not the players. There are special guest appearances by clarinetist Michel Portal on a soulful and swinging "Persich er Marsch," and harmonica soloist Bertl Mayer is featured on a sickly sweet "Marienklange Walzer." Another guest, alto saxophonist Wolfgang Pushnig, is all over the familiar "Donau Walzer (The Blue Danube)." On the whole, this disc is very well done. Unless you're a fan of Strauss or the waltz, however, you might want to sit this one out.
~ By Larry Appelbaum, JazzTimes 2000

Track List:

01. Wein, Weib und Gesang (Johann Strauss) - 9:00
02. Process-Polka (Johann Strauss) - 1:50
03. Ein Morgen, ein Mittag, ein Abend in Wien (Franz v. Suppe) - 7:40
04. Mit Extrapost (Eduard Strauss) - 3:10
05. Albion-polka (Johann Strauss) - 3:40
06. Gruss an Prag (Eduard Strauss) - 3:05
07. Lagunen-Walzer (Johann Strauss) - 8:50
08. Persischer Marsch (Johann Strauss) - 3:10
09. Hellenen Polka (Johann Strauss) - 4:23
10. Marienklange Walzer (Josef Strauss) - 6:52
11. Eljen a Magyar! (Johann Strauss) - 3:48
12. Czardas (Johann Strauss) - 4:32
13. Donauwalzer (Johann Strauss) - 9:57

Recorded live at The Sofiensale, Vienna, Austria on January 1, 2000. Includes liner notes by Wolfgang Lamprecht.


Vienna Art Orchestra includes:
Thorsten Benkenstein-lead trumpet
Matthieu Michel-trumpet
Rudi Pilz-trumpet
Bumi Fian-trumpet
Klaus Dickbauer-reeds
Florian Brambock-reeds
Harry Sokal-reeds
Andy Scherrer-reeds
Heinrich Von Kalnein-reeds
Herwig Gradischnig-reeds
Arkady Shilkloper-french horn
Robert Bachner-trombone
Christian Radovan-trombone
Charly Wagner-bass trombone
Alegre Correa-guitar
Georg Breinschmid-bass
Mario Gonzi-drums
Ingrid Oberkanins-percussions
Anna Lauvergnac-voice
mathias ruegg-arranger and conductor
Michel Portal-clarinet
Wolfgang Puschnig-alto sax
Bertl Mayer-harmonica

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Категория: Jazz | Просмотров: 550 | Добавил: malieff | Теги: Mathias Ruegg, Flac, TCB Music, Vienna Art Orchestra

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