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Главная » 2011 » Февраль » 16 » Woody Herman - The Band That Plays the Blues: 1937-1941 (2001)
Woody Herman - The Band That Plays the Blues: 1937-1941 (2001)

Исполнитель: Woody Herman
Название альбома: The Band That Plays the Blues: 1937-1941
Год записи: 2001
Год выпуска альбома: 2001
Лейбл: Naxos Jazz
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 230 Mb
Скачать с: rapidshare
Источник: домашняя коллекция

True to its word, this bargain-priced survey of Woody Herman's first band is right on message; all but three of the 18 tracks have "blues" or "blue" in the title. As such, it succeeds in surveying that aspect of the Herman band from early sessions in 1937 to September 1941 on the eve of the AF of M recording ban. Among the rarer treats here is the unusual "Calliope Blues," with its radical (for the time) use of a flute choir. On the last session covered here, the band made a famous cover version of Harold Arlen's standard-to-be "Blues in the Night," and you can hear the composer chime in as he answers Herman's lead vocal. Typically, Naxos scrambles the chronological order of the survey, but any sure-fingered listener can correct that by using the programming control. In one seamless sleight-of-hand editing feat, "Blues Upstairs" and "Blues Downstairs" -- the A and B sides of a Decca 78 -- are joined together without a pause; even the cymbal crash that ends "Upstairs" carries over into the piano intro of "Downstairs." Furthermore, Naxos' transfers, although somewhat subdued, are closer to the original 78s in sound than Decca/GRP's brash, NoNoised versions of some of these tracks on the 1991 CD Blues on Parade (even though, in a few cases, Decca had access to better sources). And Naxos has corrected the pitch of the original 78s that were faulty, which Decca did not do in its transfers -- one more pertinent reason to pick up this
release. ~ Richard S. Ginell, Rovi

Track List:

1. Woodchopper's Ball (Woody Herman, Joe Bishop) - 3:11
2. Blue Flame (Joe Bishop, James Noble, Jimmy Noble) - 3:13
3. Dupree Blues (Georgia White, George White) - 2:47
4. Twin City Blues (Gordon Jenkins, Joe Bishop) - 2:57
5. Laughing Boy Blues (Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin) - 2:56
6. Casbah Blues (Don Raye) - 3:08
7. Blues Upstairs (Woody Herman, Joe Bishop) - 3:00
8. Blues Downstairs (Woody Herman, Joe Bishop) - 2:45
9. River Bed Blues (Woody Herman, Hy White) - 2:59
10. Dallas Blues (Lloyd Garrett, Hart A. Wand) - 2:55
11. Calliope Blues (Woody Herman) - 3:18
12. Peach Tree Street (Andy Razaf, Joe Davis, Margaret Bonds) - 3:12
13. Blue Prelude (Gordon Jenkins, Joe Bishop) - 3:11
14. Pick-A-Rib (Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, James Van Heusen) - 3:02
15. Bessie's Blues (Woody Herman, Joe Bishop) - 3:02
16. Bishop's Blues (Ray Noble) - 2:41
17. Blues in the Night (Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer) - 3:13
18. Blues on Parade (Woody Herman, Tobee Tyler) - 3:08

Recording information: Los Angeles, CA (04/26/1937-09/10/1941); New York, NY (04/26/1937-09/10/1941).


Benny Goodman (Composer), Lionel Hampton (Composer), Woody Herman (Clarinet), Woody Herman (Sax (Alto)), Woody Herman (Vocals), Gordon Jenkins (Composer), Ray Linn (Trumpet), Ray Noble (Composer), Horace Diaz (Piano), Harold Arlen (Vocals), Andy Razaf (Composer), Nick Caiazza (Sax (Tenor)), Frank Carlson (Drums), Joe Davis (Composer), Joseph Estren (Sax (Alto)), Mickey Folus (Sax (Tenor)), Herbie Haymer (Sax (Tenor)), Cappy Lewis (Trumpet), Jerry Neary (Trumpet), John Owens (Trumpet), Jerry Rosa (Trombone), Sam Rubinwich (Sax (Alto)), Tobee Tyler (Trombone), Hy White (Guitar), Clarence Willard (Trumpet), Walter Yoder (Bass), Georgia White (Composer), Jimmy Horvath (Sax (Alto)), Woody Herman & His Orchestra (Performer), Joe Bishop (Composer), Joe Bishop (Flugelhorn), Murray Williams (Sax (Alto)), David Lennick (Producer), David Lennick (Transfers), David Lennick (Compilation Producer), Graham Newton (Digital Noise Reduction), Don Watt (Sax (Alto)), Malcolm Crain (Trumpet), Pete Johns (Sax (Tenor)), Tommy Linehan (Piano), Steady Nelson (Trumpet), Steady Nelson (Vocals), Bud Smith (Trombone), Bob Price (Trumpet), Ray Hopfner (Sax (Alto)), Peter Dempsey (Liner Notes), Saxie Mansfield (Sax (Tenor)), Neal Reid (Trombone), Jack Ferrier (Sax (Alto)), Nick Hupfer (Violin), Eddie Scalzi (Sax (Alto)), Herb Tompkins (Sax (Alto)), Vic Hamann (Trombone), Chick Reeves (Guitar), Kermit Simmons (Trumpet), Bruce Wilkins (Sax (Tenor)), Joe Denton (Sax (Alto)), Sunny Skylar (Vocals), Margaret Bonds (Composer), Lloyd Garrett (Composer), Ron Hoares (Design), Oliver Matthewson (Guitar), Sammy Armato (Sax (Tenor)), Hart A. Wand (Composer), Jimmy Noble (Composer)

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Категория: Oldies | Просмотров: 729 | Добавил: malieff | Теги: Woody Herman & His Orchestra, Flac, Naxos Jazz

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1 Vic   [Материал]
Я думаю, что в коллекции любого любителя биг-бендов длинная цепочка Herman Herds не будет полноценной, если в ней отсутствует это первое звена. Тем более, что здесь уже звучат в дальнейшем записанные Херманом бесчисленное число раз Woodchopper's Ball, Blue Flame, Blues in the Night...

2 blbs   [Материал]
Hi malieff!
Do you received a mail from me?
Need your help with this to my blog.
Link are death.

Thank you!

3 malieff   [Материал]
New rapidshare link added by request from blbs!

4 blbs   [Материал]
Great bro malieff!!!
Thank you very much

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