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Главная » 2012 » Февраль » 24 » Carol Kidd - I'm Glad We Met (1991)
Carol Kidd - I'm Glad We Met (1991)

Исполнитель: Carol Kidd
Название альбома: I'm Glad We Met
Год записи: 1991
Год выпуска диска: 1991
Лейбл: Linn Records
Catalog# AKD017
Формат файлов: WAV (Tracks) + Scans
Продолжительность: 43:37
Размер архива: 312 МБ
Скачать с: Narod

Listen audio sampe on www.linnrecords.com

Booklet Notes: There are certain singers, whose activities cover a fairly wide range of jazz and adjoining areas of popular music and who, for the most part, seem content in producing the same level of competence in performance on an indefinite basis. Usually highly competent I'll admit, at times even tinged with real inspiration. Not to be lightly dismissed you may reason. True, except perhaps that all too often they tend to leave the listener with a sneaking suspicion of merely going through the motions.

Then there are those who to all intents and purposes, appear to have it ready-made over apparently less-fortunate mortals. They have glorious voice-production allied to a formidable technique which, given the right kind of training, can be further honed and developed. Okay if personal aspirations incline towards the allied worlds of classical music and opera, sadly though, less than helpful with regard to the kind of music we're concerned with: especially if that outstanding voice becomes in itself the be-all and end-all of each and every performance, meaning that such important pre-requisites as lyric-interpretation and maybe even a reasonable aptitude to swing are conspicuous by their absence.

Contrastingly, there's another breed of vocalist stylist. No incredible technique or in some cases, even a more obvious tonal beauty. Despite which, they can really touch your heart. So directly, so meaningfully; any supposed technical deficiencies are rendered null and void.

Carol Kidd, though, is in an extra-special category. One that has been populated by precious few others. She is indeed one of those rarities in her chosen field, and they're getting rarer with each passing year it seems to me, she manages to combine the choicest elements of vocalism. Carol has an absolutely beautiful sound, pure as silk, yet suffused at all times with a depth and yes, honesty that, particularly with regard to her singing ballads, is often intensely moving. On occasion that tonal purity and an ability to touch her audiences can make you think of Peggy Lee (one of her major influences, anyway), Streisand, and even of the late Mildred Bailey. Yet, in any overall assessment, she never really sounds like anyone else but Carol Kidd.

For many of her followers, whether those who remember her earlier days or those who've responded to her artistry in more recent times, it's her ballad work that registers strongest. Certainly, she can take a great number like ‘I Wish I'd Met You' - a positively stunning item in her latest collection - and imbue it with a poignancy and a realness that only a comparative handful of vocal performers, past as well as present, can match. But that's just part of what she's about.

Without ever needing to resort to coarsening her lovely tone, or adopting a raunchier-than-thou posture, she handles the rhythmical numbers with the kind of genuine spontaneity, joyous swing and a natural exuberance, which together makes her right to be called a jazz singer something that is beyond question. For the uninitiated, direct your attention speedily to such enclosed gems as ‘Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone' and ‘Georgia on My Mind', the latter evidencing an additional bluesiness in interpretation which gives it an extra - and exhilarating - dimension. ~ Stan Britt Reed more on www.linnrecords.com

Track List:

1. Lean Baby
2. Don't go to Strangers
3. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
4. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
5. Georgia On My MInd
6. You're Cheating Yourself
7. I Wish I'd Met You
8. You're Awful
9. Don't take your love from me
10. I'm A Fool To Want You
11. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
12. Sometimes (not often)


Adrian Drover - Arranger, Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements
Allan Ganley - Arranger, Drums, Orchestral Arrangements
David Green - Bass
Carol Kidd - Vocal
David Newton - Piano

Technical Creditsl:

Victor Albrow - Photography
Stan Britt - Liner Notes
Don Fitzpatrick - Art Direction, Design
Calum Malcolm - Engineer
Elliot Meadow - Producer

Recorded and mixed at Castle Sound Studios, Pentcaitland, 19, 20 21 & 28 August 1991

Доступно только для пользователей
Категория: Easy Listening | Просмотров: 1196 | Добавил: bang | Теги: Adrian Drover, David Green, David Newton, Carol Kidd, Allan Ganley, Linn Records

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Всего комментариев: 6
1 Luckascans  
bang, thanks for the release! I really liked it! Thanks for Narod.ru. The rate is much higher! smile good applause

2 jazzcrazy  
Александр, уважаемый Николай (bang) очень хорошо понимает и говорит на русском biggrin

Николай, спасибо Вам за этот альбом, приятная легкая музыка. С почином Вас!

3 malieff  
Спасибо за релиз, Николай! Ваша просьба на обновление ссылки на "The Great Songs of George Gershwin" уже выполнена.

4 bang  
Друзья спасибо за поддержку! biggrin

5 malieff  
Николай! Когда будете делать следуюший релиз, учтите следующее:
1. Надо настроить Ваш EAC так чтобы log-файл выглядел так

2. Обязательно в архив прикладывайте cue (создаётся в EAC)
3. WAV файлы удобнее перекодировать в любой формат lossless (flac, ape, wv), тогда объём архива уменьшится.
Надо почитать рекомендации по настройке EAC в интернете.

6 bang  
Спасибо Александр! Непременно воспользуюсь Вашими рекомендациями по настройке EAC.
За ссылку на "The Great Songs of George Gershwin" отдельное спасибо!

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