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Главная » 2010 » Декабрь » 10 » Elvin Jones - Live at The Lighthouse [Limited Edition] (1972)
Elvin Jones - Live at The Lighthouse [Limited Edition] (1972)

Исполнитель: Elvin Jones
Название альбома: Live at The Lighthouse [Limited Edition]
Год записи: 1972
Год выпуска альбома: 2004
Лейбл: EMI Music / Blue Note
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 286 x 3 + 175 Mb
Скачать с: narod
Источник: интернет

Drummer Elvin Jones' 45th birthday (September 9, 1972) was a good excuse to record his group
of the period. The results were originally released as a double-LP and have been reissued as two
CDs with over an hour of new music added. Jones' pianoless quartet features two masterful
saxophonists (both doubling on tenor and soprano) who at the time sounded very close to John
Coltrane. Dave Liebman and Steve Grossman were among the first young saxophonists not closely
associated with Coltane who used his style as a starting point in their search for their own
musical identities. Their high-powered and sometimes rowdy flights are consistently stimulating.
With Gene Perla's alert, sensitive, and inventive bass holding the unit together, Elvin Jones was
able to play as free as he desired. The first volume (taken from three sets at the Lighthouse) has
six fiery selections, four of which were previously unreleased.
The second of two CDs featuring music recorded at the Lighthouse during a marathon session is the
equal of the first. Greatly expanded from the original two-LP set, this disc has a pair of
selections from the two-fer ("Sweet Mama" and "The Children, Save the Children") and three
performances ("I'm a Fool to Want You," "Britt Piece," and the 28-and-a-half-minute "Children's
Merry-Go-Round") that were previously unreleased at the time of this 1990 package. Dave Liebman (on
tenor and soprano) is heard in one of his finest pre-Miles Davis recordings; the young tenor Steve
Grossman keeps up with him, and bassist Gene Perla acts as a bridge between the fiery saxophonists
and explosive drummer Elvin Jones. Exciting and adventurous music that stretches the boundaries of
modal hard bop jazz
. ~ by Scott Yanow, AMG

Track List:

Disc 1

1.Introduction: Bill Chappell / Announcer: Rick Holmes - 1:42
2.Fancy Free - 21:05
3.New Breed - 12:04
4.Small One * - 7:08
5.Sambra - 13:10
6.My Ship - 8:50 
7.Taurus People * - 6:15
8.For All Those Other Times * - 4:43

Disc 2

1.Introduction / Happy Birthday Greeting - 0:52
2.Sweet Mama - 15:29
3.I'm A Fool To Want You * - 11:32
4.The Children, Save The Children - 7:59
5.Brite Piece * - 13:17
6.The Children's Merry-Go-Round March * - 28:28

* Not included with the original LP sound
Recorded: September 9, 1972
Released in 1972 ① LP (Original)
Two separate CD released in 1990 ②
Toshiba released in a paper sleeve 2000,2004,2009 ③ EMI Music
Mosaic Music Elvin released in 2000 ④


Elvin Jones - drums
Steve Grossman - tenor sax
Dave Liebman - tenor and soprano sax
Gene Perla - bass

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