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Главная » 2011 » Май » 19 » The Chris Walden Big Band - No Bounds (2006)
The Chris Walden Big Band - No Bounds (2006)

Исполнитель: The Chris Walden Big Band
Название альбома: No Bounds
Год записи: 2005-2006
Год выпуска альбома: 2006
Лейбл: Origin Records
Формат файлов: Flac
Размер архива: 329 Mb
Скачать с: narod.yandex.ru
Источник: домашняя коллекция

The follow-up to a particularly successful debut album, No Bounds brings more of what could potentially be referred to as "contemporary" big band. Big band as a major force disappeared decades ago, and those playing now are almost entirely nostalgia-based groups playing the old standards. Chris Walden is one of a very few that has adapted the genre to fit some more contemporary ideas, and takes new directions with the large-scale format. Here, there's a mix of old and new pieces, some updated thoroughly, some hearkening back to the powerful ensembles of the '70s, and some arranged back toward a vocal standard form (with Tierney Sutton providing some nice vocal work). The album opens with a jazz version of David Foster's theme for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and moves to a relaxed rendition of "When You Wish Upon a Star," the first of three Disney-related songs to appear on the album. The title track is a textural one, followed by a bit of nostalgic vocal standard. The sound shifts to a more post-bop feel, touches upon Disney again for a Miles Davis-inspired rendition of "Someday My Prince Will Come," and after an almost orchestral score, finishes on a modern and somewhat twisted rendition of "It's a Small World." The sound is a little less adventurous on this album than it was on the first, but it's still a highly refreshing take on the big-band idiom. Fine solos are provided throughout, though the way the band works together is perhaps a better indicator of the abilities showcased here. Fine playing, and even finer compositions lead this to be one of the better (and perhaps even one of the best) jazz releases of the year.
~ Adam Greenberg, AMG

Track List:

01. Winter Games (David Foster / arr. Chris Walden) - 3:49
02. Wish Upon a Star (Ned Washington & Lee Ha line / arr. Chris Walden) - 5:00
03. No Bounds (Chris Walden) - 6:30
04. People Will Say We're In Love (R. Rogers and O. Hammerstein / arr. Chris Walden) - 4:07
05. Clax's Theme (Till Bronner / arr. Chris Walden) - 4:27
06. In The Doghouse (Chris Walden) - 6:33
07. Try Harder (Chris Walden) - 3:50
08. Smile (Charles Chaplin, John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons / arr. Chris Walden) - 4:16
09. Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill and Larry Morey / arr. Chris Walden) 5:13
10. Otterkam (Chris Walden) - 5:14
11. It's A Small World After All (Richard & Robert Sherman / arr. Chris Walden) - 5:14


Chris Walden (flugelhorn, drums); Tierney Sutton (vocals); Brian Monroney (guitar); Gayle Levant (harp); Katia Popov, Mark Sazer, Alan Grunfeld, Helen Nightengale, Pat Johnson , Jennifer Levin, Kevin Connolly, Sid Page, Jacqueline Brand, Roberto Cani, Roger Wilkie, Josephina Vergara, Tereza Stanislav (violin); Matt Funes, Brian Dembow, Keith Greene, Roland
Kato, Thomas Dienner, Darrin McCann (viola); Trevor Handy, Kim Scholes, Larry Corbett, Stephen Erdody, Dane Little, Andrew Shulman (cello); Martin Tillman (electric cello); Kim Richmond, Jeff Driskill (saxophone, alto saxophone); Brandon Fields (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Tom Peterson (saxophone, baritone saxophone); Rob Lockart (saxophone); Till Bronner, Wayne Bergeron, Ron King, Carl Saunders (trumpet); Dana Kelley, Phillip Edward Yao, Steve Becknell, Brian O'Connor (French horn); Andy Martin, Alexander Iles, Arturo Velasco, Richard Bullock, Bob McChesney (trombone); Alan Steinberger, Frank Chastenier (piano); M.B. Gordy III (vibraphone, percussion); Ken Wild, Ian Walker (double bass); Gregg Field, Ray Brinker (drums)

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Категория: Jazz | Просмотров: 844 | Добавил: malieff | Теги: The Chris Walden Big Band, Flac, Origin Records, Chris Walden

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Всего комментариев: 3
1 Luckascans  
Спасибо, Саша!
Раньше этот альбом был в МР3.
Может у тебя и The Chris Walden Big Band - Home Of My Heart (2005)
имеется в Lossless? +5! good

2 malieff  
Пороюсь в архивах. Давно слит на болванки. Ну а болванки в полном бардаке. Руки не доходят. Как увижу эти коробки, так их проще не упорядочить, а спрятать с глаз долой. Но оказывается и они иногда нужны wink

3 Luckascans  
У меня с болванками та же картина! angry

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