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Главная » 2011 » Август » 23 » The Jazz Piano Quartet - Let It Happen (1974)
The Jazz Piano Quartet - Let It Happen (1974)

Исполнитель: The Jazz Piano Quartet
Название альбома: Let It Happen
Год записи: 1974
Год выпуска альбома: 1983
Лейбл: RCA Records
Формат файлов: WV(image,cue)+art
Стиль: Piano Jazz
Размер архива: 171 Mb
Скачать с: multiupload
Источник: домашняя коллекция

The Jazz Piano Quartet, with pianists Dick Hyman, Roland Hanna, Marian McPartland, and Hank Jones, was a one-time project, with the partial aim by RCA to introduce jazz fans to the wonders of quadraphonic sound, although the LP was also released in stereo simultaneously. While many folks think that piano duets often result in train wrecks, the recipe for disaster was even greater with four pianists recorded simultaneously without overdubbing. Other than some very basic charts written by Hyman to serve as a simple guide, all ten performances are improvised without the benefit of a single rehearsal; an even more stunning fact is that everything was nailed on the first take! Fortunately, each of the four players, all of whom played with Benny Goodman at one time or another, have excellent ears and can go with the ebb and flow of the rest of the group. The results are fascinating, including a wild romp through "Lover, Come Back to Me," a lyrical treatment of "Here's That Rainy Day," and a stunning "Warm Valley," with Jones duplicating Johnny Hodges' famous alto sax solo on the keyboard. But the most marvelous accomplishment of the sessions which produced this record is the group improvisation "Improvviso," which is expanded from a musical fragment by Erik Satie. Sadly, quadraphonic sound never really got off the ground, and RCA's promotion of this unusual LP was rather limited, so it didn't remain in the catalog for long. But although all four pianists have made many great recordings individually since this 1974 release, they should be very proud of their considerable accomplishments on this very collectable record. Highly recommended!
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Track List:

01. Lover, Come Back To Me - 2:22 (Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II) / arr: Dick Hyman
02. Maiden Voyage - 3:55 (Herbie Hancock) / arr: Dick Hyman
03. Let It Happen - 4:21 (Ettore Stratta) / arr: Dick Hyman
04. Watch It! - 3:03 (Dick Hyman) / arr: Dick Hyman
05. Here's That Rainy Day - 4:43 (Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke) / arr: Dick Hyman
06. Variations on Scott Joplin's 'Solace' - 3:38 (Scott Joplin) / arr: Dick Hyman
07. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - 3:45 (Stevie Wonder) / arr: Dick Hyman
08. Improvviso (Based on a Fragment by Erik Satie) - 6:48 (Marian McPartland, Dick Hyman, Hank Jones, Roland Hanna) / arr: Dick Hyman
09. Warm Valley - 3:38 (Duke Ellington) / arr: Dick Hyman
10. How High The Moon - 3:00 (Nancy Hamilton, W. Morgan Lewis) / arr: Dick Hyman


Dick Hyman (Arranger), Mort Goode (Liner Notes), Roland Hanna (Piano), Marian McPartland (Piano), Dick Hyman (Piano), Ettore Stratta (Producer), Hank Jones (Piano)

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Категория: Jazz | Просмотров: 1070 | Добавил: malieff | Теги: RCA, Hank Jones, Dick Hyman, Roland Hanna, wv, Marian McPartland

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Всего комментариев: 4
1 andy55  
Александр, спасибо! Уже качаю, надеюсь скоро оценить.


2 andy55  
Очень необычный и очень интересный альбом! Четыре совершенно разных пианиста вместе - такого я еще не слушал. Хаймен, конечно, вызывает восхищение - человек совершенно органичен в любом направлении фортепианного джаза, от страйда до авангарда, да и оркестровые аранжировки у него великолепны.
Так что мнение Кена Драйдена "Highly recommended! " поддерживаю целиком и полностью! applause applause applause +5!

3 Vic  
Спасибо, конечно очень интересно. Любопытно, что в это же время (а, может быть, и чуть раньше) был еще один близкий по идее проект: The Piano Choir (http://ileoxumare.blogspot.com/2008/02/piano-choir-handscapes-1973.html).
Хаймен, конечно, восхитетельный универсал и большой заводила, достаточно вспомнить гастроли в Союзе New York Jazz Repertory Company, где он играл одну из первых "скрипок". Еще раз спасибо!

4 zingena  
Спасибо! Слушаю с большим удовольствием!

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