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Главная » 2012 » Февраль » 4 » Various Artists - World of Gnawa (2001) [2CD]
Various Artists - World of Gnawa (2001) [2CD]

Исполнитель: Various Artists
Название альбома: World of Gnawa
Года записи: 1990 - 1995
Год выпуска диска: 2001
Лейбл: Rounder
Стиль: African Traditions, Moroccan, North African
Catalog# 15080
Рип: Exact Audio Copy (AccurateRip)
Формат рипа: APE (image) + CUE + LOG
Длительность звучания: 128:15
Размер архива: 411 mb + 352 mb, 3% для восстановления
Скачать с: bayfiles.com
Источник: Собственная коллекция CD

Музыка Гнауа (Gnawa) — смесь африканских, берберских и арабских религиозных песнопений и ритмов. Она сочетает в себе не только музыку, но и акробатические танцы, что символизирует её как молитву и как праздник жизни. Несмотря на то, что многие элементы музыки, сформировавшие её, происходят из Тропической Африки, точнее, из Сахеля, исполняют её чаще в Северной Африке, преимущественно, в Марокко и Алжире.

Гнауа — термин, имеющий два значения в культурном аспекте. Он используется для определения как религиозно-духовного порядка, традиционного для народа с идентичным названием, и собственно как музыка, отображающая их духовную жизнь. ~ wikipedia

The Gnawa brotherhoods of Morocco chase ecstasy—and express devotion—through drums and chants. In nighttime rituals notable for both their games and their solemnity, these Islamic seekers trade repeated call-and-response phrases: A lead voice issues a strident, sometimes taunting idea, and the others around the circle answer back. Accompanying (and often dictating the pace of) this communication is a nimble, mesmerizing rhythm from the tabi, a doublesided drum played with olive-wood sticks, and large metal castanets called qareqeb. The three-stringed guinbri, which is either plucked or slapped, provides sketchy harmony.

Gnawa music gets its driving rhythm from West Africa (the polyrhythms traveled with slaves to Morocco) and its devotional orientation from Islam. This makes a powerful combination, especially when delivered by impassioned voices like those captured on the compilation World of Gnawa, which was recorded in Morocco and features many of the form's ace practitioners. A pronounced mystical "spirit" drives every selection, from the opening call to ritual ("Aada 1," a twelve-minute appeal to the prophet Muhammad intended to "purify" the intentions of the assembled musicians) to songs dedicated to wandering Sufi mystics and others hoping to be whisked into a trance state. The musicians invariably reach that state—just by locking into the propulsive, endlessly varied rhythms. Even pieces that last twenty minutes seem to fly by.

There have been a number of Western attempts at harnessing the Gnawa spirit—jazz pianist Randy Weston has recorded several albums with Moroccan musicians. These often focus on the more surface "entertainment" aspects of Gnawa ritual. The well-annotated World of Gnawa, which includes English translations of the lyrics, goes much deeper. ~ www.1000recordings.com

Track List - Disc 1

1 Aada 1 (Larfaoui)
2 Aada 2 (Larfaoui)
3 Uled Bambara Suite (Larfaoui)
4 Sudani Bambara/Sudan Minitara (Binizi)
5 Baniya Yar Kama Komo (Binizi)
6 Negsha (Baqbou)
7 Turglami (Binizi)
8 Mbirika/Bu Derbala (Baqbou)

Track List - Disc 2

1 Rebbi Mulana Wa Waili Imma (Binizi)
2 La Ilaha Illa Allah (Binizi)
3 Hammadi (Larfaoui)
4 Jilala Suite (Binizi)
5 Baba Mimun Suite (Baqbou)
6 Baba L-Ghumami Suite (Binizi)
7 Uled L-Ghaba Suite (Binizi)
8 Aisha Qandisha (Binizi)


Mustapha Baqbou - Sintir, Vocals
Samir Zucari - Handclapping, Percussion, Vocals
Abdenbi Binizi - Handclapping, Lute, Percussion, Sintir, Translation, Vocals
Hassan I'Gadiri - Percussion, Sintir, Vocals
Randall Barnwell - Editing, Engineer, Images, Mixing, Photography, Producer, Track Selection
Yassir Chadly - Translation
Fon - Studio Assistant
Tim Fuson - Liner Notes, Track Notes, Track Selection, Translation
Habib Khoury - Graphic Design
M.O.T. - Studio Assistant
Philip Schuyler - Essay
Jonathan Wyner - Mastering

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